Margarita Man – How to make Margarita Man margaritas
Does Margarita Man supply the alcohol?
We do not supply any liquor or alcoholic beverages. For tequila we recommend a 100% blue agave tequila such as Margaritaville or Jose Cuervo either silver or reposado.
Do I need ice?
No ice is needed as the machine freezes the mix for you.  All you need is water, Margarita Man mix, and alcohol (if you choose).
How do I reserve and pay for a machine rental?
We request that reservations be paid in advance.We have usually plenty of machines available even for short notice engagements, however they are on a first come first serve rental basis and may all be reserved for other guests especially during a holiday or the high tourist season.

We accept cash and personal checks in advance please. We do not accept debit/credit cards at this time.
How many drinks does 1 mix produce?
1 standard Lime mix produce 5 gallons of product or enough for 70 – 9oz drinks. A flavored mix maxes 3.5 Gal or 50 – 9oz drinks.
Can the mix stay in the machine overnight?
Yes, if you do not finish a mix in one day, leave it in the machine and you can use it the next day.  The mix does not require refrigeration however the machine needs to remain sealed with the top securely in place for cleanliness reasons. If the machine is located outside, we advise draining the mix back into the mixing container and pouring it back into the machine the next day.  (Pina Colada is an exception as it is milk based and needs to stay cold/On.)
How can I make it “kid friendly” and still enjoy mixed frozen drinks?
All of the mixes are supplied without alcohol and can be served virgin, (no alcohol).  Adults can add alcohol to their virgin cocktail. This allows the kids to enjoy slushies while the adults enjoy their mixed frozen drinks. For kids, Watermelon, Cherry Bomb, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry is very popular. (For adults add rum or vodka to your drink.)
Do I need to let the keep the machine running all the time?  
This is a commercial machine designed for long run times. Turning the machine on and off is not required but you may want to shut it off when not in use. The machine freezes the mix in approximately 50 minutes.  It has a consistency sensor that turns the freezer on and off to maintain the proper consistency. Please do turn the machine off before going to bed at night or once your event is over. (see note above on Pina Colada) 
Can I request extra mixes of any flavor?
Absolutely!  You can request as many of each flavor as you think you will need and will only be charged for the mixes that you use after the first complimentary mix included with the rental. If you return unopened extra mixes you will be refunded $20 per unopened mix.
Can I supply my own mix?
Our mix is Margarita Man branded high quality mix that is used exclusively with our machines as part of our franchise agreement to ensure highest quality product and service without needing to adjust machine settings.
What does the machine set up look like?
We deliver the machine to you on a roller cart with a grass skirt for a festive air. The machine weighs 175 lbs. and sits on this cart not a counter top or table. The cart also self contains and spills to help you with mess from over flows during pouring. We also provide extension cords as needed. (See photos in the photo section and above.)
Where do I plug it in?
The machine uses 13 amps of dedicated 110/120v power which requires a dedicated standard household circuit of 15-20 amps not a plug, but the whole circuit. This is usually available and isn’t typically an issue except when a DJ, a buffet line or other appliances are plugged into the same circuit. The result is that mix does not freeze as there is not enough power or it trips your circuit breaker. Solution is to relocate the other devices or plug the machine into a better power source.
Can I move the machine to another location?
The machine is on a roller cart and can be relocated with in the same premises however it MUST remain at the address that it was delivered too.  If you choose to move the machine to a different location in the house, you do so at your own risk. The machine weighs approximately 175 lbs. and is extremely top heavy. It may turn over easily when moved if the wheels catch, turn or dig in. If it is moved outside into the elements, any damage incurred, or loss will also be your responsibility. Machines cost in excessive of $6,000 so it is recommended you do not move them around.
How long does it take to freeze?
It takes approximately 50 minutes before the first few frozen beverages are frozen. For large events add a bit more time to insure that freezing can keep up with demand.
Have another question?
Email us at or call 512-923-5400.
Who sets up the machine?
The Margarita Man delivers the machine on a roller cart along with your mix premade using filtered water with our branded mix. The Margarita Man will add your alcohol to the mix and set up the first batch for you. (Filtered water is not required but it is preferred)